The laundry has always been a popular room in the home and not even a global pandemic stops the loads of washing and the stain removal. The laundry is the 3rd highest household contributor to water wastage, so it is important we start to implement simple but effective changes to this space. I always say that life is too short to be in the laundry, so it is my pleasure to share my top 5 eco laundry tips to make your laundry more sustainable.

Electricity free ironing 

This is my most favourite ecofriendly hack in the laundry that makes ironing super easy and even safe for the kids to do too!

What you need:

  • Spray bottle
  • 1 litre of water
  • 20 drops or 1 tsp of lavender essential oil

Shake, spray and hang! It seriously is that easy!! One of the amazing properties of lavender essential oil is that it naturally relaxes the fabric fibres and as a result, reduces unwanted wrinkles. It is the perfect hack for school uniforms. You can even spray whilst the kids are wearing them, and the lavender scent goes once fully dry. Great for camping and travelling!


The latest water-saving laundry innovation is the Soka Tub by Australian made company Soka Australia. This unique tub will allow you to multitask different items in different solutions, all in one tub and avoids the painful drip line to the washing machine. It’s definitely a sanity saver that makes your laundry sink more user friendly and not a wasted 40 L space. Hand washing delicate and stained clothing items in smaller compartments saves a lot less water than filling up the laundry sink. It also uses less laundry detergent, allowing you to get a more effective clean using a more accurate ratio of water and detergent. Using the Soka Tub will save 4-9 litres of water for a men’s basic shirt compared to using the laundry sink or a bucket. The draining lids prevent skin contact and doubles as a mixing tool.

Save detergent

Earth-friendly laundry detergents are better for the environment because they are natural, safe, effective in cold water, free from toxins, no nasty chemicals and or fillers. Fillers are the main contributor to washing machine build-up which increases the frequency of cleaning.  Earth-friendly solutions are also suitable for greywater systems and septic tanks.

TIP: A quick wash uses less detergent which will avoid the crunchy feeling that you get when you have used too much!

To make your laundry detergent go even further whilst still achieving a great clean simply follow this simple rule:

Front loaders: Use 1/8 of the laundry detergent amount + 2 tbs bicarb soda
Top loaders: Use 1/4 of the laundry detergent amount + 2 tbs bicarb soda

Do not use fabric softener, instead use 1/2 cup white vinegar

Eco stain removal

Stain removal is all about knowing the right formula for the job and once you know the tricks of the trade, it’s super easy to avoid harsh chemicals and get great results from using everyday household products.

Oil stains – dishwashing liquid + warm water
Ink and paint stains – rubbing alcohol
Grass stains – white vinegar + dishwashing liquid
Whitening – white vinegar + sun
Colour setting – salt
Blood and coloured food stains – firstly rinse from the inside out then dishwashing liquid +/- bicarb
Mould – white vinegar + sun
Red wine – hydrogen peroxide

TIP: Do not tumble dry stained clothes as this will make stain removal even harder.

Wire pegs

Do yourself a favour and invest in wire pegs or a wire octopus hanger such as from the Stainless steel peg company. These are made from a continuous piece of marine-grade stainless steel that will not break, fade or crack, lasting a lifetime in the sun.  They are also super useful and stylish for hanging decorations up around the house and in the home office. Finding small broken off pieces of plastic pegs is so annoying and hurts when you stand on them in the yard! They come in different sizes and strengths to suit your laundry needs.


Nicole Gibson accepted her husband’s challenge and has gone on to design and manufacturer in Australia an award-winning water-saving laundry innovation that also saves time and money. Nicole empowers people to use ecofriendly and natural products for effective stain removal and provides easy solutions for maintaining the health and hygiene of your home. Known as the Clean Queen her message to others is life’s too short to be in the laundry.


Introducing the Söka Tub – Australian made, water-saving, compact with big features and the perfect addition to any laundry.