Seasons come and go and we find our wardrobes are filled with epic proportions of clothing that we ultimately find ourselves unpicking. Maybe it’s because we are influenced by all our favourite influencers and what we really need is to get down to pinning down what our wardrobe really needs. Time to get outside help, and it does not get better than having an Image Consultant who can shop with you without compromising your individuality.

Shopping with somebody is such an intimate part of your life, so trusting the right person who can understand your individual needs and customize the service for you is important. It all starts with your style challenges and goals. When you feel comfortable to take the next step and shop, shopping with an open mind allows an Image Consultant to use their expertise to make suggestions that will improve your image. It does not mean you have to purchase whatever they suggest, but it does allow them to give you their best advice. We all have different Personality styles and therefore need to dress authentically for who we are. Feeling comfortable with and trusting the person you are shopping with being dressed in a way that you feel is professional with their style will more than likely also affect your decision as to which Consultant you choose to work with.

Making sure that you are clear on the reasons for you shopping with an Image Consultant is important. This helps them to know what they need to focus on. In most cases I ask my clients whether they are wanting to redefine their image to achieve certain image goals or whether they are simply requiring my services to purchase pieces that they know that they already love and need for their wardrobe.

Everybody would love a serene wardrobe with all the best tones of black, grey and white present, punctuated by the occasional shot of navy blue and denim! The big issue with people is that when they shop, they buy things that they love but don’t fit their lifestyle. The point is to have a wardrobe full of clothes that you want to wear for what you actually do in your real life. Not having a sense of your Personal Style could result in an identity crisis because sales assistants are quick to sell you their vision for the season’s style.  An Image Consultant enables you create that vision of your Personal Style, enabling you to make easier choices when shopping.

At the end of the day you know what you feel best in, so shop for the wardrobe that allows your dress code to get serious about your lifestyle!


Tania Teperson is the owner of Modaboutstyle Personal & Corporate Image Consulting. She is passionate about the role she plays in creating positive changes for women both in their personal and professional lives. Born in South Africa, she immigrated to Australia in l998 with her husband and 3 children. Having worked in retail and fashion, she decided to pursue her passion for style and trained locally with First Impressions where she got her Certification as an Image Consultant.

Modaboutstyle has been an inspirational journey of working with women wanting to transform their lives and reflect their authenticity through their own unique style.