I was an unhappy and unmotivated compliance & risk professional. After the birth of my beautiful baby boy, I had 12 months off work on maternity leave, it was during this time I realised how much I truly disliked not only my job but the career I had ended up in. So after having 12 months away from my employment, it became so clear that my chosen career path was making me was a profoundly negative impact on me, and I thought life is too short for this.

I chose to start a mortgage broking and property investment advice business as I really wanted to help people. Homeownership, property investment and money management, when carried out effectively can change people’s lives forever. I know the mistakes and problems you can have when you are given the wrong advice or try to guess your way through it. I want to help people achieve their goals, these might not be purely financial goals, but other life goals, most of which can be achieved through well researched and planned property investment and good money management.

I have learnt so much already, for instance, starting and running your own business is like being on a continuous roller coaster ride, you always have to focus on getting to the next high. In my chosen business, you need to be a great listener to make sure you I know exactly what the client wants and needs. The key to a successful client relationship is great communication from both parties. I never stop learning, I learn something new every day but you need to be open to it, and if you are, you will be constantly developing and within that comes the feeling of personal growth and satisfaction.

I believe I’m still on the path to success and feel as my business is still in the early stages. Success is something I am working towards. Success for me will be measured by the number of people I can help in achieving their goals, not a predefined dollar amount.

The big wins I have had is knowing that I have helped people normal regular people change their lives, helping people get into the property market when they previously thought they couldn’t. Or showing people a path to follow so they can get into the market in the near future. The win translates into more business as I’m getting referrals from happy customers, after sharing with friends and family of their own success.

My goal at the moment is to be able to help at least 5 new people every month, I know the profit will come if I can achieve this. And the best part of all for me is that I’m helping people, whilst doing something I thoroughly enjoy and impacts my life in a positive way.

The mistakes I have made, taking so long to take the plunge and giving it a go. I think there are initially only focused on the financial objectives, and not having a balance between work and leisure time, including spending time with family.

Others wanting to go out and follow their passions and start their own business, here are my top 5 tips for you;

  • Give it a go, you will never know until you try, and you don’t want to look back in years to come with regrets or always wondering what could have been
  • Team up with a great mentor will really guide you to where you want to go and what goals you want to reach
  • Be prepared for challenges and setbacks, knowing that if you can work through them, those are the moments you will think back to and you will be the proudest of
  • Don’t let others steer you off course, you know what your goals are, that’s what you should be focused on, because you may find that even some of your friends or family may end up, without even meaning to
  • Celebrate your success, always having a balance with your family and allowing time for fun.


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