Many of us have a bit of a creative touch in some way or another. For some of us, it may be that we are pretty nifty with a hot glue gun and some felt, or for others, the talents lie in the ability to create delicious masterpieces in the kitchen, minus the recipe.

In most cases, using our creative skills is a hobby, with our main focus being on the enjoyment we get when we create our next epic DIY project or master a new technique with the paintbrush. However, your creativity can save you money at home too.


 1 . DIY Gifts

If you have creative skills, one area that can save you money at home is by reducing the costs of gifts for family and friends by making your own. Put those DIY skills to the test and create one of a kind presents for birthdays, Christmas and other special events. This could be through creative hobbies you already have, such as creating a scrapbook full of photographic memories or sewing them a new outfit. DIY gifts not only cost less (usually) but they also come with that loving handmade touch that is appreciated.

2 . Handmade Cards

Following on from the DIY gifts, making your own cards is quite a substantial saving when you consider the cost of store purchased cards. The average newsagent card for birthdays and other special occasions costs around $5 on average for a single card. Personally, I like to make a whole lot more cards for less. One of my most cost-effective methods is buying a bulk pack of blank cards and envelopes for around $2-7, a mini paper pad for around $10 and some double-sided tape. You can choose to use other embellishments and stickers too. By making handmade cards this way, I easily get 20-25 cards from one paper pad. All for around $20. Huge savings!

3 . Bake It, Don’t Buy It

Sometimes we are time poor, so we duck to the shop and purchase a cake or other baked goods. Fair enough. However, if you have the time, cut your costs by baking at home or even using a packet mix instead of purchasing a pre-made cake or baked goods from a bakery.

4. Back to Basics

These days shops are full of educational toys and devices that cost a small fortune for kids. Sure, we all want the best for our kids, but don’t underestimate how much money you can save with a little creativity and some homemade toys and tools. You will find endless tutorials online on kids entertainment and learning ideas, such as colour matching games with pegs and colour cards, or handmade flashcards to teach numbers and words. You will also be amazed how much an empty bottle with rice can amuse an older baby. Simple creativity saves you money on toys at home.

5. Create a New Income Stream

While this last one is more about making money than saving it, take a moment to consider what potential your creative habits have for bringing a new source of income into your home. What skills do you have that may be in high demand from others, such as giving music lessons or art tutoring. Or perhaps you are skilled at woodwork and could consider selling your wares. Start creating now!


Holly Connors is a freelance writer and blogger at Simplify Create Inspire, with a focus on simplifying life, saving money and getting organised. She also writes a family travel blog with her husband. Holly is a mother of 2 with a background in psychology, although more recently self-employed and enjoying the less conventional side of earning a living. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.